Outsourced staffing solutions that
enable you to scale your business

We provide recruitment, training, and operational co-managed services while saving you an average of 50% on overhead costs.

How we help our clients

Grow Your Business Through Ours

Not having the right people in the right seats at the right time impacts your business. Costing you money and time. FGC+ builds a team to meet your needs so you can grow your business — without the worry and hassle of hiring, training, and managing staff yourself.

Managed Outsourced Team

Managed Outsourced Team

Outsource an entire function to FGC+. We take care of everything from hiring, training, and building to managing processes and supervising staff.

Outsourced staffing solutions

Virtual Staff | Executive Assistants

Virtual Assistants are an extension of your staff, directed by you. With our in-house team providing management oversight, we assure top-quality, reliable, and constant support.

project based staff

Project-Based Staff

Project-based staff can help you when you have a short-term need or a project you need done. Use for seasonal, busy seasons, or a quick project.

Client Testimonials

“I do have my dedicated person two to four hours a day, we have a great relationship.”

– Jason Cutter, CEO/Founder at Cutter Consulting Group

"(Working with FGC+), we've had significantly more qualified leads resulting in more revenue."

– Nick Mulholland, President at Tech-Gofer

"FGC+ made it very easy to scale our business."

– Jamie Blecher, Office Manager at AM Home Delivery & Trucking

Why FGC+

End-to-End Solutions

We enable you to transition from working with many vendors to just one all-inclusive staffing provider. We support you in every step of building your remote team - from hiring, to training and creating processes, to processing payroll and office overhead, to managing daily operations, to conducting quality audits and reporting, and to scaling your team.

Top Talents

Having a large talent pool allows us to be highly selective in the candidates we endorse. All applicants go through a meticulous recruitment process and a series of trainings to guarantee that the remote staff you hire are highly-skilled, competent, and are the right fit for your business.


Every company has unique needs that require a unique approach. Our flexible business model allows us to customize each client’s outsourcing strategy for maximum efficiency. We take the time to understand your requirements and to build or adapt to your processes, so that we can ensure all your standards are met.

Committed and Authentic Leadership

Being in the industry for 10 years, we recognize that for a business to be successful: effective leadership is key. We put great emphasis on the leaders that we bring in to be aligned to our culture, hinged on exceptional skill, unshakeable integrity, and a passion to make a difference. Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals in business process outsourcing, operations, entrepreneurship, with a range of expertise that is fully at your disposal.

Work With Us

Needs Assessment

We work with you to define what staffing options meets your unique needs. We develop a roadmap for growth, business continuity, and results.

On-boarding the Right Staff

At our state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines, our experienced management staff sources, hires and supports you in training your staff.


Our on-site supervisors manage our team in a fun, productive, and motivating environment. They work with your team on a day-to-day basis making sure the team delivers your expected results.

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