10 Things That Will Make You Want To Try Remote Staffing

10 Things That Will Make You Want To Try Remote Staffing

If you are an entrepreneur thinking that a physical assistant is all that you’ll need, maybe you have to rethink your staff approach. In these modern times, hiring a physical assistant is not necessarily the best option.

Have you ever thought of leaning towards the more modern route; like hiring a virtual assistant? Yes, the reluctance to utilize remote staffing services is understandable but there are factors that contribute to why is this is fast becoming the more promising choice. Below are top the reasons why your company should take advantage of this staffing innovation:


Having a virtual staff can help to fulfill tasks for you that you would not be able to accomplish in a limited time frame. You can assign a deadline and a level of urgency to a certain task then expect it to be completed within the allotted time frame.


Projects can come and go but your office personnel are not as transient as the projects they handle. This brings about the hassle to keeping them busy when they no longer have tasks. For these kinds of projects, hiring an online assistant is certainly a much cheaper and wiser preference.


Did you know that the budget you spend on your personnel and their accompanying costs could have been allocated to the growth of your business? This is why hiring a virtual assistant becomes advantageous. Simply because they come in packages wherein facilities, equipment, taxes and other expenditures are already incorporated.


The need for an assistant arises when you notice that you no longer enough time and space at work. Hiring an online staff is the perfect solution for each time you get overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that sometimes need to be done simultaneously. Because much of your time has been freed when from delegating duties to your virtual staff, you get to pursue other fields to focus on like other tasks, side projects, and even family.


If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who would want to kickstart a business, hiring a personal assistant will contribute significantly to the successful launch of your company. This is specially true if you are venturing on to something new in which the assistant is already a specialst of. Even though you know nothing about blogging, social media, or SEO, an online expert will be able to accommodate these needs. At the same time, you’ll be able learn more about these subjects from them. Think of it as hitting 2 birds with one stone, you delegate tasks as well as learn new things.


An additional resource you will get when hiring a virtual assistant is creativity. He or she will be able to give more ideas to the table and also be able to give you insight on your decisions. Your VA can give you a different perspective before you finalize and proceed to the implementation of your plans.


Delegating tasks is not merely about assigning duties to your assistants but it also requires finesse and art. This does not only refer to barking orders but it’s more about making your VA contribute to the success of your business. Surely, there are tasks that you want and need within a given period; by delegating them, you will be able to acquire results in the desired time.


There are tasks, if not all, that you would prefer to avoid either because they are tedious or simply because you have other important things to do. You can assign tasks to your assistant that you would not want spend time doing but are nevertheless important. As the saying goes, “Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses”.


If you think that you have your employees covered once you settle their salaries, think again. Employees incur more cost than their salaries because of the operational expense that comes along with having them in the office. What’s more, you will have to take care of their legal needs depending on the employment laws currently exisiting in your state.


Hiring an employee involves a meticulous process of filtering the right candidate.This can be eliminated if you opt to hire an online assistant since an outsourcing company can do this for you. Another thing to consider is the fact that firing people can be a hassle. However, remote assistants can be easily replaced or discontinued anytime as long as it is in accordance to your agreement. In terms of billing, you can pay by the hour and sometimes, the virtual staff are more than willing to cut the invoice should they admit fault.