5 Telling Situations That Might Mean You Need to Outsource

Owning a business comes with its set of challenges. There can be a lot of tasks on your plate that would require your full attention. After all, the road to success is paved with endless unexpected situations, both urgent and small.

With the help of your team, you can take care of minor-level worries. But, when things get out of hand, it might be time to look for other solutions. Several situations may be too much to handle especially if you only have a handful of employees in your team.

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There may come a time when you’d need to employ the services of an outsourcing provider. Outsourcing proves to be a useful strategy to upscale your business. Not only is it a cost-effective route to giving yourself a great team, it’s also an efficient way to scale up and down quickly, depending on your team’s workload. As of 2022, 37% of small businesses have outsourced at least one business process.

Wondering when you should start outsourcing? Here are a few telling situations that should prompt you to incorporate outsourcing into your business strategy:


1. When the volume of work is increasing  

Did you know that in 2022, 44% of people across the world experienced workplace stress? Even the best employees get overworked. Your staff members can feel overworked or burnt out after handling a large volume of tasks each day.

If you’re seeing employees stay longer after work or skip breaks to meet deadlines or task demands, that is a major red flag. This tells you that they’re working double time to cover work that 8 hours per person isn’t enough to accomplish.

Consider how much workload your employees have on their plate. Delegating a chunk of that to an offshore team may be your best way to go.

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2. When opportunities for growth falls through the cracks

A small team means less expenses in the long run. However, this also means less opportunities that convert into a hefty return on investment (ROI).

If employees are too overwhelmed to finish your existing projects, they can no longer spend time working on additional projects that could lead to your company’s big breakthrough. You simply wouldn’t be able to take this on due to the size and capability of your team. This means your growth is stunted, causing your returns to be stagnant.

3. When you need to offer round-the-clock services

If your company is looking to break through beyond your local market, you’ll most likely consider expanding globally.

International companies need to be able to offer their services to more than one time zone. To deliver that, you’d need to have a shifting team of professionals round the clock. Assembling the right team to carry out your processes on an international scale may pose a challenge, as this takes quite a lot of work and resources.

Aside from your supply chain, you’ll need to cater to customers’ needs in various locations, which would require you to offer 24/7 customer service. The truth of the matter is, 76% of consumers would rather do business with a competitor, if they find that it takes too long for their inquiries to be responded to.

Just imagine all the expenses and back-and-forth to reach that customer service sweet spot. If you hit a dead end, you can thankfully contract an outsourcing provider to put together the best team for you, anywhere in the world.

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4. When you can’t attend to all your customers

Growing your business can ultimately mean an increase in your customer base. In turn, you’ll find an increasing number of challenges that could overwhelm your small team. Requests and complaints stemming from the differing needs of customers will build up, as well.

Catering to the growing demands of the market can be easier if you outsource functions such as customer service — in addition to functions like purchasing and order fulfillment. Remember, when a company’s customer service is excellent, you’ll find 78% of customers willing to do business again, even after a mistake.

5. When you’re struggling to find talent in your local channels

If you’ve decided to grow your team, you’re definitely looking at your local channels to find new candidates. If you’ve tried your best and haven’t found any suitable talent to round out your team, the best course of action may be to look beyond your horizons.

63% of recruiters say that shortage of talent is one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced in 2022. If you’re facing this particular obstacle while trying to grow your team, contracting an outsourcing provider for an offshore team is your best bet. This is actually one of the top reasons executives choose to outsource: to get the best possible talent on their team.

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Outsourcing has been advantageous to 66% of U.S. companies with 50 or more employees. Statistics show that outsourcing enables companies to focus on the core of your business, solves your capacity issues, and improves the quality of your services.

Don’t wait too long until your business faces too many problems you can handle. Outsourcing can be the choice that helps you break free from all those issues.

Make sure to choose a suitable provider that can help mitigate your struggles. Luckily, FGC+ can do exactly that, and provide you with an expert offshore team with continuous oversight. Get to know more about us on our website: www.wordpress-665053-2176586.cloudwaysapps.com.