About Us

Outsourcing Solution

Founded in 2011 as Focusinc., FGC+ Outsourcing Solution is redefining offshore outsourcing to be a win-win for our clients and employees.

Who We Help

We show our clients how to get their time back while simultaneously growing their businesses. FGC+ is designed for the entrepreneur who has reached their tipping point and can only grow by scaling their operations.

A place to get vital resources without adding more stress, more staff, and more To Dos. Our clients reclaim their time, energy, and focus because they know they have a team of dedicated people to help them grow. They can work on their business with more perspective, insights, and clarity and live the life they intended—without feeling chained to their business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a company people want to work for. We want our people to enjoy coming to work. Our aim is to redefine the reality of work – from being a place where we can show our “professional persona,” we leave exhausted and energy depleted to a place where we can be ourselves and leave energized because our days are filled with passion and creativity.

We are proud of our team of bright individuals who look forward to coming to work and genuinely want to help entrepreneurs succeed. We work extremely hard to ensure each team member is matched to the role they are ready for while we help them prepare for their next role.

Happy clients and happy staff—that is the goal. In short, it is Work Redefined. Business Unusual. It is not just a tagline. It is what we deliver every day.


Our Future

Our goal is to help companies scale exponentially and grow to 5,000 employees and provide them the platform to unleash their full potential.


Our Gift

To our people We focus on creating a work environment where our employees feel safe, secured, and valued and look forward to coming to work.

To our clients To deliver results by providing a valuable partnership in building entrepreneurs business. We want our clients to get their time and passion back for their business.


Our Character

Unlimited Potential: We challenge norms and the way things “have always been done” so that we can provide our employees and clients the best we can offer.

Flexibility: We are nimble and can adjust to the ever-changing business environment

Authenticity: We believe in diversity and creativity. We want to be a trusted resource in outsourcing by doing what we promise.