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“One of the things I really love about working with FGC+ is that instead of me having one person that I’m dealing with that’s supporting me – I have access to a wide range, that’s then managed by the company and, so, I do have my dedicated person two to four hours a day, we have a great relationship.

And what I would tell someone who is considering using that, is if you’re nervous or worried about having a virtual assistant both from a reliability standpoint and security standpoint, a management standpoint- then I would say definitely contact FGC+ for information on getting started.”

– Jason Cutter, CEO/Founder at Cutter Consulting Group

“(Working with FGC+), we’ve had significantly more qualified leads resulting in more revenue. And I like the ability to choose which people would be on our team for the different campaigns. I like the management over said team that FGC+ provides as well as all the reporting.”

– Nick Mulholland, President at Tech-Gofer

“FGC+ made it very easy to scale our business. As we were growing and needed additional representatives, FGC+ can come and easily add ten people to our team in a snap of a finger.”

– Jamie Blecher, Office Manager at AM Home Delivery & Trucking

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“FGC+ agents are well-adjusted, you can hear them great on the phone. The technology is fantastic. The training is great. So our first agent with the Philippines is Joan, and we just visited their office in Bacolod and I can tell you, we are impressed with the office. We are impressed with the staff. We absolutely love Joan. And when Graymatter expands very near in the future, the first phone call that we’re gonna make is to Jerinne to get more agents just like Joan.”

– David Maayani – CTO & Founder at GrayMatter Networks

I am very satisfied with FGC+ and it’s their people that make them stand out from others. They are very friendly and they really know what to do. We don’t really need to brief them too many times. Their services has gone beyond expectations. The people are easy to work with.

Since using FGC+ services, we’ve really seen an increase in the number of visitors and registrations. We can always rely on them. They are very independent. We don’t have to micromanage; we don’t have to supervise all the time.

 – Intan Syuhada, Sales & Business Development at Messe Berlin (Singapore)

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“FGC+ has been a huge help for our company. The team is professional and I am very impressed with their level of communication! Overall, very easy to work with and they’ve provided us great support which I am most thankful for! Highly recommend them if you’re looking to fine tune processes and need a bit of added support for your team.”

– Janna Manukyan, The Doctor’s Choice Agency


“I have been working with FGC+ for a couple of years now and I have experienced only excellence and professionalism every step of the way. They have been an asset to my business to the point, that I consider them a partner in our company’s growth and advancement. I highly recommend their services!”

– Jack Fischman, ADF Accessories


“FGC+ has been great to work with. They have so many people on the team with different skill sets that any time I need help they have had someone amazing who can step up for my project.”

– Jason Cutter, Cutter Consulting Group

“We were looking to outsource our operation and I could not have been happier with FGC+

FGC took the time to understand our company work flow and created a healthy and successful team that helps us streamline our operations.”

– Sol Green, Ship All-Ways


“Amazing to work with 5 Stars for sure!!”

– Jamie Blecher, AM Home Delivery


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