How to be More Productive


Today’s ultra-competitive business landscape has reinforced the fact that every minute matters. But more than ever, interruptions and distractions leading to decreased productivity has become even more abundant. In the US alone, costs for productivity loss are estimated to reach a staggering 605 billion USD per year.  Once derailed from a certain task, it takes […]

Executive Assistants: 5 Signs You Need One

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As discussed in the often quoted Harvard Business Review, The Case for the Executive Assistant, the days of the Mad Men secretary version of an assistant for a Senior Executive are over. Technology like email, mobile devices, online calendars, and more allowed managers at all levels to operate with a greater degree of self-sufficiency without […]

Top 3 Reasons to Use eCommerce Outsourcing To Help Your Business Grow

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The eCommerce industry is growing as online sales continue to skyrocket. If you are an eCommerce business owner, you understand that this can impact your business. So how do you stand out from your competition? Outsourcing may be the answer for you. Outsourcing certain functions of your eCommerce business is a great way to grow […]

Where Do I Find Virtual Assistants?

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More and more businesses are opting for business process outsourcing over in house staffing. But like any type of corporate endeavor, the former still carries a few risks—false advertising, fake profiles, bogus businesses etc. The best way to avoid being the victim is to find the right VA or staff provider who can deliver  quality […]

10 Qualities To Look For In A Virtual Assistant

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Being a virtual assistant is not only about getting tasks done but essentially it means being able to have an unwavering commitment to a client’s business. Sure, being well versed in computer programs or software is necessary but more than this, a VA’s work ethics are equally important. Why? Let’s admit it, your VA will […]

In-House Staffing VS Virtual Assistant Services

Businesses have grown accustomed to hiring personnel to report to their physical offices and conduct tasks. Staffing In-house has certainly proven to be effective over the years, most especially during a company’s “beginner phase”. However, as a business grows, managing in-house personnel becomes more difficult. Acquiring additional staff might not be as much of a […]

How To Grow Your Business On A Budget

Every business owner aims to grow their business at least 5% annually, but with current economic downturn,is it still possible to expand on budget? The answer—definitely a yes. Cutting costs should never be a reason to delay extending that new office wing or increasing man power. Tight financial arrangements only imply that businessmen must make […]

Which Tasks Are Best Delegated To Your Assistant

Many company owners tend to dip their toes into every aspect of their businesses. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; there is always that tendency of getting too busy doing everything and ending up doing nothing. Yes, it’s normal to check up on things once in awhile but hoarding all the work is another […]

Building A Business In 7 Steps – Impossible? Believe It!

So you want to build your own business. You have your initial ideas, and you know what you want to achieve—what’s next? Here is a seven-step guideline to keep you on track with your business plans, and to help you make a successful entrepreneur out of yourself. DETERMINE WHAT YOU CAN OFFER AND THE MARKET […]

4 Ways To Reduce Your Costs When Running A Medical Billing Firm

Whether your Medical Billing company is based in New York, Florida or Hawaii, the increasing costs of overheads like your medical billing department, team and resources coupled with the growth of competition, means that now more so than ever, reducing your costs when running a medical billing firm is imperative. I’ve worked with medical billing […]