Does Company Culture Matter When Outsourcing?


  What is company culture?  Company culture (also known as workplace culture, organizational culture, or corporate culture), is the culmination of a company’s shared values. When people make decisions, interact with colleagues, and create rules, they are upholding their company’s corporate culture. All of these things contribute to a company’s “norms”. This encompasses a variety […]

Setting Your E-Commerce Brand Apart

setting e commerce

One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce companies face is intense competition. There are about 24 million e-commerce sites globally according to one 2019 report – but this massive number may already be significantly off by now, because of the new shops added daily and other micro-platform retailers that may be unaccounted for. With the […]

5 Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year


New year, new goals – it’s almost become a cliché. Each year, many will make a laundry list of resolutions but more than 80% of those won’t make it to February. This dismal statistic has put goal-setting in a bad light, even when it’s actually a powerful skill to have. There’s a very real science […]

5 Tasks You’re Better Off Outsourcing

5 tasks you're better off outsourcing

Do you sometimes feel like the 24 hours in your day isn’t enough? As an entrepreneur, I understand how it feels to have a seemingly never-ending list of things to do. Wearing many hats is a given for any business owner, but spreading yourself too thin can take a toll on your physical and mental […]

How Start-ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing

How Start-ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing

  Every year, five million new business are started – but only a few make it. Start-up failure rate is pegged at 90% and while that statistic can be cold and hard to swallow, it is an inescapable truth that budding business owners (as well as thriving ones) must know and contemplate on. One of […]

Executive Assistants: 5 Signs You Need One

outsourced executive assistant

As discussed in the often quoted Harvard Business Review, The Case for the Executive Assistant, the days of the Mad Men secretary version of an assistant for a Senior Executive are over. Technology like email, mobile devices, online calendars, and more allowed managers at all levels to operate with a greater degree of self-sufficiency without […]

INFOGRAPHIC – 8 Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

At FGC+, we are always striving for perfection! We are on a mission to be the top outsourcing company in New York, and we know that to achieve this, we need to know how to lead, and how to work well in a team. Outsourcing companies in the USA will often consist of large in-house teams, as well as large offshore […]

How Virtual Assistants Can Help Content Writers

A writer’s main goal is a content-filled piece, but in today’s fast-paced world, the demand for well-written and communicative articles and blogs continues to skyrocket, and a writer can only take so much tasks. This is where a virtual assistant can come in handy. Aside from helping a writer get tasks organized, a VA can […]

4 Ways To Reduce Your Costs When Running A Medical Billing Firm

Whether your Medical Billing company is based in New York, Florida or Hawaii, the increasing costs of overheads like your medical billing department, team and resources coupled with the growth of competition, means that now more so than ever, reducing your costs when running a medical billing firm is imperative. I’ve worked with medical billing […]

INFOGRAPHIC – 6 Benefits Of Outsourcing For The Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time of the year where people are expected to spend a significant amount of money buying gifts or availing services for their loved ones. Certainly, you don’t want your business to be swept away by this holiday rush, and you need more time and resources to focus on your most important […]