5 Telling Situations That Might Mean You Need to Outsource

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Owning a business comes with its set of challenges. There can be a lot of tasks on your plate that would require your full attention. After all, the road to success is paved with endless unexpected situations, both urgent and small. With the help of your team, you can take care of minor-level worries. But, […]

How Small Growing Companies Can Benefit From Outsourcing

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Did you know that as of 2022, there are already 70,000 startups actively registered in the U.S. alone? There’s certainly benefits when it comes to starting a business. Startups and small companies contain much potential, and with savvy management, they can prove to be lucrative in their respective industry. Like a newborn infant, growing companies […]

Why Outsourcing a Human is Still Better Than AI

Why Outsourcing a Human is Still Better Than AI 1

Customer service is an absolute must for any company’s customer retention. So much so that 61% of people will willingly switch to a competitor because of poor customer service. For any growing firm, however, assembling the customer service department often involves a lot of struggle. It involves hefty tasks: hiring and training support agents, purchasing […]

The Quest for Savings: Why It’s Cheaper to Outsource in Today’s Global Economy

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These days, the single global workforce has obtained a push for normalcy. More and more companies are appreciating how valuable delegating to a third party can be, and this shows in how many international business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have emerged in the past 20 years. This impact can definitely be felt in the 21st […]

Why Providers Outsource Medical Billing: 4 Benefits You Must Know

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The U.S. healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world, and also one of the most complex. This can be attributed to a long list of administrative policies, which are not widely known and are even subject to periodic revisions. Keeping up with these policies can incur huge administrative costs which can […]

Important Tasks Outsourced Employees Can Do For Insurance Companies

Outsourced Employees

  The outsourcing industry continues to be boon to companies, enabling them to cut costs and improve operational standards. It’s become the go-to way to increase efficiency without compromising quality. Thanks to outsourced employees, the various levels of a business can focus on their core competencies to keep momentum running, even on a budget. Insurance […]

Should You Hire A Freelancer or Hire From An Agency?

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  So you’ve considered hiring someone via outsourcing to round out your team. There’s no question that it can be a great idea to have help with tasks you don’t have the time to do. Whether it’s for a temporary project or a permanent lease, you want to make sure to hire the right mix […]

5 Tricky Tasks an Online Retailer Should Outsource

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  Right now, online retail is quite a viable, thriving industry following the lockdowns of yesteryear. As a customer, there’s nothing more thrilling and satisfying than searching for products online and having them delivered right to your very doorstep. From the point of view of a business owner, online retail can be a very lucrative […]

Why You Should Outsource Customer Service Reps For Your Team

Outsource Customer Service Reps

  Behind every growing company is a channel that helps provide support towards customers and potential clients. That’s why one of the most important facets in any business is customer service. According to a study by Microsoft, 90% of customers rely on customer service as a factor whether or not to engage in business with […]

6 Great Qualities You’ll Notice About Filipino Workers

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  Pick a random place anywhere in the world and you’ll see a Filipino working hard and excelling. That statement couldn’t be more true in the virtual scene, as Filipinos make up a huge chunk of the outsourcing industry’s workforce. In just 2019, there were a recorded 1.3 million Filipino workers on duty in many […]