FGC+ Launches New Virtual Executive Assistant Solution

FGC+ Launches New Virtual Executive Assistant Solution

Company's newest service offering will help many entrepreneurs become more productive, FGC+ reports



SUFFERN, N.Y. — FGC+, a leading outsourcing solutions provider, announced the launch of the company’s new virtual executive assistant service. Designed to help business owners become more productive and efficient, the new product is one of the most convenient, cost-effective ways to secure the top-quality help that so many busy executives, entrepreneurs, and others need so badly.

A leader in the field of outsourcing since opening its doors in 2011, FGC+ has an amply demonstrated ability to deliver solutions that cut costs and allow startups and other growth-stage businesses to scale up easily. The company’s new outsourced executive assistant service will help many entrepreneurs and business owners achieve even more ambitious goals while enjoying greatly improved work-life balance.

“We’re excited to launch our new Virtual Executive Assistant Solution,” said FGC+ CEO, Moshe Greenfeld. “Too many business owners today struggle to obtain the kinds of capable, reliable support and assistance they need. Busy business leaders rarely have time to find the perfect assistant, but that will no longer be an issue. Our new outsourced executive assistant service reflects our years of experience in helping business owners become more efficient and productive. We believe this is going to become one of our most popular solutions and are happy to be able to offer it to all of our clients.”

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics figures that there are about 4 million Americans working as traditional administrative assistants at the moment. Despite the uncontested value that these professionals provide, the field is expected to shrink by as much as 5 percent over the course of the next decade, thanks largely to technological developments.

Primary among these has been an increasingly pronounced shift toward the use of virtual assistants instead of permanent, on-site staff. Switching to outsourced help can cut costs drastically, while also enabling on-demand flexibility and other benefits.

Headquartered in New York and with operations centers in the Philippines, FGC+ has been helping growing companies take advantage of such opportunities since launching in 2011. FGC+ clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East covering a wide range of industries have consistently become more productive and competitive thanks to the company’s outsourcing solutions.

The new virtual executive assistant service will deliver the same levels of value and flexibility that have made FGC+ a trusted partner of so many growing businesses worldwide. More information is available at the FGC+ website.

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