How to Develop a Side Gig That Uses Your Sales Expertise

How to Develop a Side Gig That Uses Your Sales Expertise

Thinking about starting a side gig to supplement your income? Or perhaps you are in between jobs and want to ease back into full-time work. The gig economy is continuing to grow as more and more people realize the benefits. Technology makes it simple to be able to connect with people around the globe, further fueling this new industry. If you have a background in sales, you have a unique ability to leverage your expertise in developing your own profitable side gig. Although there is no shortage of articles on how to develop a side gig that perhaps anyone can do, why not use your sales skills in a side gig that takes leverages these skills? You have spent time honing your sales skills and understanding what businesses need to be successful. Put your skills to work! Here is how to go about looking for a side gig to supplement your income and takes advantage of your sales skills.

Look at Referral Programs as a Side Gig

One way to start your side sales gig is to investigate companies that provide income simply for referring potential customers. Most companies that offer these programs don’t require you to be an employee. Some referral programs involve placing an affiliate link on your website and earning income when someone purchases a product or service. Others require you to sign an agreement and undergo training and then you submit warm leads to them for follow up. Both are great options to explore. Next, look for companies that offer similar or complementary services that you have experience in selling. You have already established your credibility with people you have sold to in the past. Reaching out to them with a new related offering that can assist them will help you to keep those relationships strong. One place to start is investigating what are critical concerns for executives. According to Gartner’s 2019 study, CEOs and business owners report their top concern is their growth. Many businesses are struggling with finding ways to be more efficient and grow. These companies may now be re-evaluating their current business practices. Focus your search on companies that offer services that help businesses scale and grow.

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How to Evaluate A Company for a Side Gig

You have identified companies that you think can help your contacts scale and grow their business. Now, how do you decide what company you should connect with and start offering their services? The beauty of a side gig is it alleviates the pressure of a full-time job and you are free to choose the company and business that meets all of our contact’s needs. So, evaluate and try out programs until you find the one that works for you. 1. Evaluate the company’s offering. When you are evaluating a company, look closely at their offering. Can it help your contacts scale and grow? Does it alleviate any of CEOs top concerns? You can refer to the Gartner graphic above to be sure. Then, match companies with referral programs to the needs of your contacts. Do you have contacts that will benefit from the service this company provides? Good referrals and your potential income will be directly correlated to the customer’s overall satisfaction with the service. So, make sure you have access to people that you know will benefit from the services offered. This will help you preserve your own reputation as well as the company you partner with. More importantly, making sure there is a good match will preserve your relationship with your network of contacts. 2. How much training and support is provided? Good referral programs will provide you with collateral, access to sales and marketing staff as well as their executives. Make sure you will get the information you need to explain their services accurately. A company that supports you and provides you with relevant and useful materials will ensure a successful partnership. 3. What is expected of you? Make sure you understand how you will earn income.For instance, do you just have to provide an introduction or are you expected to do more, such as be on sales calls and follow up? The amount of work that is expected from you is important when evaluating a company. If you are expected to be involved throughout the sales process, ensure the payment you will receive with make it a worthwhile investment of your time. Many programs simply expect to you to provide a warm lead. That is typically a lead that is interested in the potential product or service. 4. Review their referral payment structure. Some companies provide a one-time referral fee when a customer is on board. Others who have a service-based offering may pay you for an extended time which provides an on-going residual income. A residual income stream can be ideal since you can get paid monthly in many cases for providing one referral. 5. Talk to management at the company. A conversation with the top executives can provide you a clear picture of their goals and how invested they are in your success. It also helps you understand if you are a good fit for the company.   Now, you are armed and ready to find your next side sales gig. Ready to get started now? Check out our Sales Partner Program. We offer a lucrative program for sales people to offer our outsourced solution to business interested in scaling. Whichever program you choose to build out your side gig to earn extra income, know that you are in the driver’s seat to choose the company and program that works for you!