4 Green Flags to Look For In An Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing presents a great opportunity for your business to handle work more efficiently, with lesser costs to boot. Having an outsourced employee in your home court can do wonders for your productivity, as they are dedicated to handling a good chunk of your operations. Talented professionals are everywhere these days — it’s just up to you to discover the channels where you can reach them. Thankfully, outsourcing companies are happy to help link you up with qualified individuals around the world. Whatever industry you’re immersed in, there’s no shortage of talent to be tapped via outsourcing partners.

Is it your first time to outsource? Well, when looking for an outsourcing provider to partner with, you should be wary of those that carry some obvious red flags. Touch base with the right companies by looking out for their green flags or key characteristics.

Here’s a guide on which good qualities to be on the lookout for..

#1. Handles your expectations well

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A reputable outsourcing company will set achievable goals with you and manage your expectations with regards to the talent you hire. They won’t over-promise or make excessive claims just to impress you. With solid goals in mind, you can delegate the right amount of tasks and expect appropriate results in turn, allowing you to stay on top of your company’s goals.

You will be able to measure your goals and achievements with defined metrics, which can be set by both you and your partner. There are some outsourcing providers who have created rigid SOPs that they insist on applying to every business. However, there are also outsourcing companies that are able to create flexible processes and KPIs tailored to fit your unique needs. The latter might be the better route for you if it’s your first time.

#2. Gets a hold of excellent talent

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There is no shortage of talent and people who are willing to work. A key green flag to a great outsourcing company is that they are meticulous when it comes to the talent, they source for you. They will be able to lock in someone with the appropriate qualifications that match what you need. But that’s not where it should stop.

After the screening and recruitment process, they’ll also be presented with a good competitive offer so you can keep them in your team long-term. With the overall turnover rate of employees in the US in 2021 being 57.3%, employee retention should be of high priority. Trust that a good outsourcing company cannot just identify talent, but also take care of it.

#3. Takes privacy seriously

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Every company that outsources needs to have boundaries set and this is where a privacy strategy comes in. Depending on which industry you’re in, a privacy agreement should be in place to protect your company resources. As always, make sure to thoroughly discuss this with your outsourcing provider.

Be sure to also choose outsourcing companies that invest in comprehensive security measures to oversee, ensure, and support your company’s privacy. Having network protection like endpoint security and firewalls in place ensure that your data is kept safe. This way, no privacy leaks may occur in the daily operations of your business.

#4. Trusts and forms a good relationship with employees

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When you’ve finally got the right talent you need on your side, a good outsourcing company will not let it go to waste. Aside from taking care of them financially, the partner should also create trust and foster a good environment for your outsourced employee.

A healthy company culture in place sets the precedent for how your business is handled. In fact, a great company culture in particular is sought after by 46% of people looking for a job. Make sure to be connected to a partner that values this.

Overall, deciding on an outsourcing company based solely on superficial and outer glamor might backfire in the long run. Aside from just looking at a good deal being offered to you, it can help to look inward. Scrutinize your prospects and see what they truly have to offer for your company.

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