5 Common Outsourcing Myths, Debunked

Outsourcing has long been a go-to business practice by many successful companies. Big names like Alibaba, Skype, and Google all credit this strategy as one of the reasons behind their accelerated growth and continued advancement. But even with its long list of demonstrated benefits and success stories, many are still undecided about it. The uneasiness is because of the many persistent misconceptions that need to be addressed. Here are some of them:

Myth # 1:

Only large companies can outsource.”

In the beginning, the majority of the players involved in outsourcing were big companies that hired hundreds or thousands of offshore staff for customer support or manufacturing needs. This is probably how the notion that outsourcing is only accessible to large companies came about. Truth is, it actually makes more sense for smaller businesses (with presumably lesser budgets) to outsource. Nowadays, there a lot of service providers that can cater to SMEs or small to medium enterprises, offering customized solutions and accommodating functions where only one hire or a small team is needed. While the main draw is being able to save money (especially beneficial for start-ups who may have limited resources), the greater value is in leveling the playing field by allowing these growing businesses access to the same kind of talent and technology that more prominent companies enjoy.  

Myth # 2:

“It’s just too risky. Data and security breaches are rampant.”

This is a common concern – and a valid one. But this isn’t a problem unique to the outsourcing or offshoring industry; even major on-shore companies have faced corporate issues of this nature. Reputable outsourcing vendors acknowledge these threats and know that security is a top priority. Several measures can be put in place to mitigate these risks, such as building data safety into contracts (through NDAs or confidentiality agreements) and having different levels of user access so only what is necessary for a particular task is revealed.

Myth # 3:

“It’s too hard to find the right person/people for the job.”

One of the pitfalls business owners face when they finally decide to outsource work is the challenge of finding the right person or people for the job. Receiving hundreds of applications online can be overwhelming, and going through each one is undeniably time-consuming. An applicant can claim to know a certain skill but then end up not being up to par. A dependable outsourcing partner has dedicated teams and verified processes that pre-assess a candidate’s aptitude and skills, based on a client’s requirements. Also, in cases where an outsourced employee decides to leave, knowledge transition can be done to ensure continuity of operations.  

Myth # 4:

“It’s cheap so it’s probably low quality.”

This mistaken belief is a hasty generalization. Many established outsourcing partners have several layers of quality control to ensure that results are consistently top-notch. Apart from having dedicated teams (quality assurance specialists, trainers, reports analysts, internal management structure, etc.) to monitor and improve output regularly, they also have metrics and KPIs to keep outsourced staff adherent to standards.  

Myth # 5:

“No one will get my product/service the way I do. If I have to check all their work anyway, I’m better off doing it myself.”

The right outsourcing company trains its teams to treat their clients’ businesses as their own. They take time to learn the product or solution so that they can discover the best way to communicate with customers and represent the brand. They also provide dashboards and other reports that simplify keeping track of important matters. A good outsourcing partner makes things easier, so their clients have more time to do things they want to do. Like any other industry, outsourcing has greatly evolved and is continuously evolving. Many of the misconceptions that have been busted here are based on outdated knowledge and biased stereotypes. Of course, appeasing hesitations and disproving all these wrong notions once and for all boils down to finding the right outsourcing partner. Outsourcing can be a secret weapon if companies don’t let these myths hold them back.

richard branson

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