6 Great Qualities You’ll Notice About Filipino Workers

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Pick a random place anywhere in the world and you’ll see a Filipino working hard and excelling. That statement couldn’t be more true in the virtual scene, as Filipinos make up a huge chunk of the outsourcing industry’s workforce. In just 2019, there were a recorded 1.3 million Filipino workers on duty in many business process outsourcing (BPO) jobs — and that number is bound to have increased by now in 2022. It’s no wonder why the Philippines is considered the BPO capital of the world.

Hailing from the tropical Southeast Asian country the Philippines, Filipinos are a lively people of promising workers that will impress you with their skills. In the US, Filipinos have taken up all kinds of professions, such as those that involve manual labor, to more rigid, white collar jobs. Since the notion of working online has proliferated over the years, Filipinos now also enjoy working in jobs such as admin personnel, call center agents, virtual assistants, and many more.

But what makes Filipinos so sought-after in the global job market? If you’re wondering, it’s their innate qualities that make them the perfect addition to any multicultural workforce. Here are some of the best characteristics that employers love about them.

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Great Qualities of Filipino Workers

1. Joyful and infectious personality

Put a Filipino in a room and he’ll light it up in no time telling jokes and funny stories. This is not a hindrance for them, either. Despite their happy-go-lucky attitude, they can also be serious and can embody a back-to-work attitude when on the clock.

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2. Team player

Step foot in the Philippines and you’ll find that Filipinos are serious about hospitality. Not only that, like their neighboring Asian peoples, they are known for their love of family. As a culture that is rooted in being people-oriented, they know full well how to jive with others.

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3. Motivated and passionate

Filipinos’ motivation is on another level, and so is their work ethic. Whether they do it for their family, peers, significant others, or the desire to succeed, they will bring their A-game to everything they do.

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4. Well-educated and well-learned

Filipinos are well-learned and ready to serve, with the functional literacy rate in 2019 being 91.6%. This result can be attributed to the Philippine educational system, which adopts a K-12 format and develops young learner’s minds through 3 primary strands: Business, Accountancy, and Management (BAA), Social Sciences (HESS), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

After graduating K-12, the majority of Filipinos immediately take up university to earn a degree and specialization. With this well-rounded educational system in place targeting Filipinos’ holistic development, you’ll find that they’ll excel no matter which professions they take up.

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5. Tech-savvy

Complex systems and programs are no match for the ordinary Filipino. In fact, the Philippines is the social media capital of the world! As of January 2021, there are 89 million social media users in the Philippines. So needless to say, they are a tech- and internet-savvy bunch. You won’t find them struggling to operate a complicated app on the computer. Coupled with their quick-learning, this allows them to adapt exceptionally well to virtual and online-based jobs.

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6. English proficient

As English is the second language of the Philippines, you’ll be pleased to know that 95% of all Filipinos can fluently speak and converse in the language. The Philippines, after all, ranks #18 out of the world EF English Proficiency Index, and #2 out of all Asian countries.

One trademark of Filipino English is that it is spoken with a neutral accent, as well. This makes communication easier between everyone, so teams can be on the same page at all times. With Filipino workers on board, the language barrier is definitely not a problem within your company’s chain of command.

All in all, It’s not a big mystery why many international companies bank on Filipinos to accomplish much of their work. Not only are they indispensable parts of a corporate system, they come equipped with invaluable traits which makes them treasured parts of outsourced teams. You might find these traits present in people of any other nationality, but Filipinos are reliably present and ready to work in the global market.

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