Does Company Culture Matter When Outsourcing?



What is company culture? 

Company culture (also known as workplace culture, organizational culture, or corporate culture), is the culmination of a company’s shared values. When people make decisions, interact with colleagues, and create rules, they are upholding their company’s corporate culture. All of these things contribute to a company’s “norms”. This encompasses a variety of elements, which ultimately hinges on a company’s work environment, mission statements, leadership values, and collective attitude towards work.

Company culture may just sound like a marketing buzzword for candidates, but it actually is in fact, an important factor for 46% of job seekers! When building your team from the ground-up, it’s important to remember that a healthy culture is vital for success — a belief held by 94% of entrepreneurs. It’s no doubt that both employers and employees are aware of this, which is why recruiters and HR have adapted to ensure their company culture is unique and stands out. In turn, this attracts the top candidates for the roles that need filling.

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Does company culture matter even when outsourcing?

Some companies rely on team-based culture that hinges on employee participation across all its levels. Meanwhile, other companies have a rigid, traditional culture that’s a result of hierarchical type of management. All of these breeds of culture can be valid, and are true when clocking in at an in-person office.

But what about virtual, outsourced teams? Could it spell a difference when not working on site? Would interactions through the internet matter in the long run?

The simple answer is yes. A company’s culture is forged from the present environment your team works in. Regardless of barriers, the actions of people in your organization add up to a collective attitude.

A good company culture promotes:

  1. Honest communication
  2. Consistent workflow
  3. Accommodating employees
  4. Motivated teams
  5. Collaborative and accountable problem-solving

Taking into account the fact that outsourced employees from an agency are not 100% handpicked by you, the key then relies on creating a healthy company culture with the agency you hired — along with the in-house staff you already have on board.

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So, how do you create a healthy company culture? 

The writers of a Harvard Business Review article describe that, during a Fortune 500 strategy meeting, the word “culture” was mentioned 27 times in 90 minutes — as all executives thought up of a way to harness it and use it to their benefit. So what are some small yet solid ways to uphold a company culture, even across different parts of the world? Here’s a few that can definitely make a difference:

1. Build communication lines

No, we’re not talking about making the next great chat app. Building communication lines between you, employees, and across other departments opens up channels for collaboration and clarity. In the hyper-virtual world of today, simply allowing people from different departments to mingle with each other, even in the simplest of ways, helps break down silos. This removes the notion that each team is competing with one another, and helps get rid of the tendency of departments keeping each other out of the loop. Companies with a flat hierarchy use communication as their lifeblood, but even companies with multi-level hierarchies can pull it off. Just go out there and talk!

2. Treat employees like stakeholders

Gone are the days of voiceless rank-and-file employees and “Yes!” Men. Nowadays, keeping employees in the dark about groundbreaking decisions won’t fly so well. Allow your employees to air their thoughts about certain things, and be transparent on what needs changing. Sure, when making hard decisions, there are some things that can just be beyond control. But ultimately, giving your workforce a voice makes them feel valued, and in turn, nurtures empathy in the workplace.

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3. Hire based on cultural fit, and not just skill

Most of the time, we hire contractors and partners simply based on their skill and cost. Truth is: it’s not that simple. A new hire’s attitude and outlook should always align with your own company’s values. No matter how good or affordable their rates are, if their mindset doesn’t adapt well with your company’s own values, you’ll see roughness ahead that might negatively impact employees already in the workplace.

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In conclusion: company culture matters, so find the right partners! 

“Company culture” may not be a factor that can easily be weighed or quantified. The tools to measure may not be reliable 100% of the time. But for the people you outsource, it will be a make-or-break factor that keeps them committed to the company.

Knowing an outsourcing agency’s stance on culture is essential before deciding which one to partner with. It’s important that you get a feel of how their current culture is like as that will significantly influence how they will handle your outsourced team. You can gauge a contractor’s values by asking them about previous projects and clients. Don’t get blinded by low asking salaries or promises of financial growth. Instead, step back and view how their puzzle piece will impact your workplace’s bigger picture.

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A great outsourcing provider can take a look at your business and act on the specifics of what you require. They can discern what a “cultural fit” for your business can look like.

If you’re on the lookout for an outsourcing company that values culture along with profit and performance, you’re in luck. FGC+ has always been an advocate for happy employees, while providing you top-class outsourced talent from the Philippines. Get in touch with us today by visiting our website,