Why You Should Outsource Customer Service Reps For Your Team

Outsource Customer Service Reps


Behind every growing company is a channel that helps provide support towards customers and potential clients. That’s why one of the most important facets in any business is customer service. According to a study by Microsoft, 90% of customers rely on customer service as a factor whether or not to engage in business with a company. It’s always a good idea to put up a team of dedicated customer service representatives to deliver your brand of care and concern for your market.

What can a customer service team do?

The main duty of a customer service team is to learn your products, processes, services, policies, and even your brand voice. By internalizing these things, they’ll be able to serve as representatives who will champion your products and services.

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A customer service team can:

  1. cater to potential customers, post-sale inquiries, and everything in between
  2. resolve customer requests and inquiries whether through phone, online chat, or email
  3. take care of administrative duties like setting up meetings, redirecting calls, etc.

Putting together a customer service team isn’t usually as straightforward as it could be, though. You don’t just pick a bunch of random people and leave them on their own on the trunk line.

A great customer service team is created by handpicking qualified individuals, overseeing employee training, infrastructure and IT management, analytics, and taking care of administrative resources, among other key concerns. This is where problems start to arise. More often than not, companies don’t have the time and resources to closely cover all of these areas.

Thankfully, there is the option of hiring customer service representatives offshore. It’s certainly a tried and tested workaround, as large companies around the world have permanently adopted offshore customer service teams as part of their operations.

It’s all because of these three main benefits.

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1. Flexibility

Outsourcing customer service reps allows you to become more flexible when it comes to work. Since you’ll have a dedicated team handling the bulk of incoming calls and inquiries, you can focus on other areas of concern. 27% of smaller to medium-sized businesses contract an offshore team to save time, while 33% outsource to gain access to flexible resources. A customer service-centered team also improves your ability to handle inquiries around the clock, as having a team based in another timezone can enable you to deliver after-hours support.

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2. Specialization

Whichever industry you’re focused in, outsourcing is an affordable way of hiring professionals with experience and specialization in key areas or subject matters. 26% of smaller companies with less than 10 employees rely on outsourcing as an opportunity to learn from an expert. These customer service reps will be invaluable when it comes to specific topics relevant to what you’re selling. For example, you can have an IT expert handle tech-related inquiries or someone with animal care experience if you’re selling pet products. With experts in your team, you can deliver the best assistance to work alongside your brand.

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3. Cost-effectivity

Hiring through outsourcing companies is definitely more cost-efficient. Hiring just one customer service rep in-house could cost you upwards of $5,000 just for equipment alone. Aside from that, you’d need to provide office space and benefits. When hiring offshore, on the other hand, the need for such costs is negated, as those are provided by the outsourcing company for your team. As expected, that further saves you money in the long run.

Customer service is surely not an aspect of business you should skimp on. The team you hire will determine whether you can deliver an excellent customer experience or not. Make sure to go the practical route when filling up your workforce and contact an outsourcing provider that’ll cover all the bases.

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