Should Businesses Still Outsource in 2022?

Should Business Still Outsource in 2022?

Outsourcing as a business practice has been around for as long as we can remember. With outsourcing, your company can pinpoint a suitable pedigree of talent to work for your team. Outsourcing partners have been serving as bridges for companies and startups to reach the talent they are looking for — no matter where they are in the world. That’s exactly why the global job market has become so robust, especially during these days following the global pandemic.

Now that we are slowly easing back into pre-pandemic times, one questions stands: Is outsourcing still a valid and feasible business strategy? Doomsayers would disagree, but we beg to differ. Nowadays, business continuity is a focus, so outsourcing can be a valid strategy to future-proof your business. Your small company or startup can surely benefit from something as easy as contacting an outsourcing partner.

Here are the top 4 reasons why:

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1. The hybrid workplace

Although things are taking a turn for the better, the pandemic is not yet fully over. As we ease into an endemic status, there are still risks present such as an unexpected spike in cases, or a completely new crisis altogether. (Hopefully not, though!) It’s best to apply a few lessons learnt from the pandemic and prepare your business in case these situations arise. 

Outsourcing lets you avoid such situations altogether. With a hybrid workplace, you can minimize risks and exposure, as both you and your outsourced partner work in your own respective setups.

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2. Cut costs from your bottom line

It’s 2022 and with inflation affecting the prices of almost every commodity, you’d be surprised at the amount that turns up in your books. Thankfully, outsourcing can cut down your business costs by up to 50% — a huge amount of savings!

This is arguably the biggest advantage in outsourcing. You won’t have to fret about a huge chunk of maintenance costs. With your outsourced talent based somewhere else, the need for a huge office is eliminated. That way, you won’t be paying expensive building lease and hefty overhead costs.

In the same vein, compensation and benefits are not a problem either, as your outsourcing partner is the one covering such costs for your outsourced employee. All you’d need to do is pay them your contracted fee.

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3. Talent comes from all places

Putting together the perfect team can be difficult when you’re focused in just one area. When you outsource talent, you have a wider pool of individuals from around the world to choose from to form your team. With a demand for experts apparent, looking for individuals specialized in the industry you’re with will prove to be less taxing. Contracting an outsourcing company can also relieve you of the stress of shortlisting and contacting candidates, as they can handle the stressful task of recruitment for you. 

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4. Technology is evolving

With the rapid progression of web technology comes new innovations to bridge the gap between you, your business, and your outsourcing partner. Several new web apps are now available, and existing tools and software we’ve long been using have undergone plenty of upgrades to match.

Since everyone was working from home at the height of the pandemic, apps have been streamlined to do more, while being made easier to operate. Communication apps, cloud-based file sharing programs, artificial intelligence, and industry-specific tools are all serving their function well. Communication and sharing information between long distances have gotten easier, breaking boundaries for global workplaces.  


Post-2020, businesses have truly embraced the concept of outsourcing — and it’s not going away any time soon. Startups and small businesses alike have found success in their ventures with outsourcing all thanks to the benefits mentioned above.

With an outsourcing partner, you too can enjoy the benefits of a forward-thinking business strategy. FGC+ can be that partner you’re looking for and take care of your outsourcing woes. Learn more about how we can further your goals by visiting us at